14 December 2021

Can houseplants help improve our sleep?

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Can houseplants help improve our sleep?

Houseplants do wonders for our interior styling and can make our bedrooms feel more alive and homely. But can houseplants also help improve the quality of our sleep?

From plants that aid relaxation to those that purify the air, there are many different options that can fulfil both your decor and sleep needs.

Snake plants are known to remove toxins like formaldehyde and nitrogen oxides from the air. Often found in household products like hairspray, formaldehyde can cause respiratory problems  making snake plants perfect bedside companions.

Jasmine and Lavender plants help to aid relaxation, and are often used to scent candles and used in aromatherapy. Along with lowering our heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels, these plants help to induce a deep, restful sleep. 

For insomnia sufferers, the Valerian is another sleep inducing houseplant that has been used for centuries due its calming properties. 

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