18 December 2023

What are the benefits of buying a new build home off-plan?


What are the benefits of buying a new build home off-plan?

Buying a new build home before it has been built, also known as "buying off-plan", can offer several benefits, including:

  1. Greater choice: Buying off-plan gives you the opportunity to choose from a wider selection of properties within a development, including those with more desirable locations or layouts.

  2. Potential cost savings: Developers may offer discounts or incentives to buyers who purchase off-plan, which can result in cost savings compared to buying a completed property.

  3. Customisation options: Buying off-plan can give you the opportunity to customise certain features of your home, such as kitchen or bathroom fixtures, flooring, and colour schemes.

  4. Reduced maintenance: Since everything in the home is brand new, there is often little or no maintenance required in the first few years of ownership.

  5. Energy efficiency: New build homes are often built to higher energy efficiency standards, which can result in lower utility bills and a reduced carbon footprint.

  6. Warranty and guarantees: New build homes typically come with a warranty and guarantees from the developer, providing peace of mind in case of any construction defects or issues.

  7. Greater investment returns: Typically new build homes increase in value once the development has been completed, meaning your home will be worth more once completed than it was when you purchased it off plan.
  8. No chain: Because the property has not yet been built, there is no chain involved in the purchase process. This means you don't have to worry about waiting for someone else to sell their home before you can move in.
  9. Buying schemes: There are many incentives available to help you fund your new build home including Deposit Unlock, Shared Ownership, Help to Buy and Assisted Moves to name a few. You can read more about these schemes here.

Overall, buying a new build home off-plan can be a smart investment and provide a lot of benefits. Ready to secure your dream space before the first brick is laid? Tailor-made, modern living awaits with early-bird perks and personalised touches.

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