1 October 2022

Are new build homes more energy efficient?


Are new build homes more energy efficient?

With the hike in energy prices, owning an energy efficient home is now more important than ever.

New build homes not only help stretch the pennies  with lower energy bills, but also tackle the global environment crisis with being more energy efficient.

Earlier this year, the UK Government set out plans to tackle climate change head on by radically improving the energy performance of new homes, meaning buying a new build not only helps to save the planet, but also your pocket. 

So are new build homes more eco friendly than older homes?

New build homes can use up to 50% less energy than homes built in the early 1980s through their  use of top quality window glazing, insulation, appliances and air leakage prevention. According to the Home Builder’s Federation’s (HBF) ‘Greener, Cleaner, Cheaper’ report, new build home purchasers are also saving around 576,000 tonnes of carbon emissions in comparison to older, less energy efficient properties.

There are many elements of a home that contribute to how energy efficient it is, from insulation and heating systems, to your windows and appliances.  Water efficient showers, dual flush cisterns, as well as A-rated appliances like dishwashers and washing machines, will reduce your water consumption helping you to save water with little effort on your part.

The latest energy-efficient appliances are not only much cheaper to run compared to older appliances, but emit fewer emissions into the atmosphere too. 

Heating a new build home

Compared to older homes which typically have out-dated boilers and heating systems, new build homes feature brand new models that cost a fraction of the price to run.

Many new build homes feature tailored boiler systems depending on the size of the property. This means smaller boilers in smaller homes and larger boilers and water tanks to heat larger homes. This not only improves water flow throughout the home but also minimises excess energy usage and over-worked boilers.

Smart thermostats are also a great addition to new build properties that help you to control and monitor your energy usage. By monitoring your heating use, they can automatically adjust to your habits and behaviours to heat your home at the correct time and to your optimum temperature.

According to Heatable, smart thermostats can save between 8.4% – 16.5% on heating bills on average.

Insulation in new build homes

Insulation plays a huge role in reducing the reliance on energy to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Up to 25% of heat is lost through inadequate insulation in older properties, but new build homes must adhere to and comply with strict regulations with regards to insulation.

In order for new builds across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to comply with UK Government standards, all new build dwelling insulation must meet a minimum level or thermal insulation.

Before completion, new build homes are measured on their heat loss using air testing methods to ensure their 'U-Value' ratings comply with regulations. This means that all new build homes must be sufficiently insulated and air-tight to pass inspections – thus ensuring your home retains its heat. 

Energy performance certificates (EPC)

All new build homes across the UK must carry an EPC which contains details about the property's energy usage and typical costs by giving it a rating from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient).

A staggering 84% of new build homes were given EPC ratings of between A and B for energy efficiency in comparison with just 3% of older properties attaining the same ratings. 

Some of the advantages of living in an energy efficient new build home

  • Reduced energy bills
  • Often get cheaper home insurance
  • Better deals on mortgages – known as 'green mortgages'
  • Lower carbon emissions which reduces your carbon footprint
  • A-rated properties are worth up to £40,000 more than G-rated EPC properties


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